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The ear the we are continuing to courtney support round the clock rapper rations that law enforcement health official fire official information and other resources on those contacts are here in the room as well with us today what i'd like to do at this point we're gonna we're going to start again we'll do briefings on each at the fire that foul will get the message out to the residence and and we will start with congressman thompson senator dodd an assembly member aguilar curry mike thompson and i can tell you that both the state government and the federal government of senator god in the southern woman or your curry have worked wonders making sure the state government responses as appropriate and in conjunction with the federal government all of the decorations have been filed the federal government has approved a federal fire assistance as well as a public of grants and they're working on the individual grants as we speak everyone at both the federal level and the state level that have been incredible incredible lee responsive all the resources that are needed are coming and we continue to work with the locals to ensure that we do everything possible i want also uh tell you of that at the local level everyone has been spectacular life safe the is the number one issue the top priority and it's important that everybody listen to our first responders if they tell you can't go into someplace it's for your life and safety benefit and for those in the area there are only working to make sure you were safe please listen to them please heed all their warnings and take all of their directions thank you listening to a news conference out of napa valley california talking about the continuing lack fire injured there to be a life safety operation for us here and napa county and we will have cheap bearman top about the fire situation good morning berry bearman deputy incident commander of cal fire incident management team three in the napa county fire chief uh yesterday was a very on um aggressive for fire behavior with some rapid expansion of fires and you'll hear that based on some of our increased acreage we had a lot of wind on our incidents which bushfire numerous directions uh on all of our fires and with that.

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