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In PD officers are investigating a shooting on the north side that happened overnight dispatch telling us someone was shot along day Margot. Dr adjust after two forty five this morning that's near seventy I in Michigan way the crew at the scene working together information about. The victim and what led. To, that shooting and then down in Johnson county dispatchers confirmed. That police are working shooting investigation from overnight police have released, limited information but we do know that a person was shot near an apartment building in white, land they would not release. Who the. Victim was or where exactly that shooting took. Place we do know a suspect was taken into custody the victim was transported to Methodist Hospital for treatment There's no word on a condition at this time and then in Kokomo. Police. Are investigating a deadly hit and run crash that took the life of a, child this suspected driver found a short time later and is now facing charges it happened. Around four thirty yesterday afternoon on east Alto road in Kokomo police say the ten. Year old Louis walking along the road when she. Was hit by a sedan traveling the opposite direction A little. Girl was airlifted to Riley hospital here in Indy but was pronounced dead the suspect Twenty-two-year-old Josh Cochran from Kokomo was found down the road by police and taken into custody he's facing a felony. Charge for leaving the scene police are not, sure if alcohol was involved so toxicology, tests are underway right now it is five thirty five and update on the red line construction, that, turned Meridian, into a two. Lane road this week indigo officials are now saying you can expect that construction and the lane closures to last until December right now crews have closed the southbound lanes. On Meridian, from. Eighteenth to thirty eight th street they'll do the. Same to the northbound lanes leaving Meridian a two lane street officials say drivers should take capitol avenue or Illinois. Street to avoid the delays from this construction projects rides food games and. Overall fun the carnival is back in broad ripple for just this weekend and, our Aaron leashes live at broad ripple park with how you should plan your trip to the festival good morning Erin Good morning again it's quiet here right now. We're right outside of one of those rides. The.

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