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You know, what you have to see where they're coming from. Because a lot of them are coming from China. Yep. And that's where I tracked it, and it was such B S, man. I ordered that probably a month ago. I've had that problem at sea so zone. Well, the aircraft that I bought for max, I got on Oetzi, and it was from this this guy this jeweler in Israel and the tracking wasn't coming in. I thought Ono did this happen again. But I emailed him, and he was very responsive. Oh good and send it, and it was it's gorgeous little baby diamond ear Akaba. Also, cool the blanket is a joke. So I mean, if any of you ordered that tell mate because and return it and return it. Yeah. And I wonder if they'll take it back. I don't know. I have it. We have to be I'm so Inc. Gry? But she was cool. She was fine. And then for Terry. I had bought this art. So I came here. But it's called this was an Instagram purchase. But this one was good. It's this picture frame. Yep. And you set up a website for it. And. Yeah. And it you'll send pictures to it. So like he could set it up at the office, and I could Email 'em picture. Right. And it'll go right to the front, right. So just make sure it's not nothing knotty. I know. But anyway, so we sent that. So I gave him that. He loved it to did. Yes, he loved and then I got on the tall shoes. He like the best gift ever good. Yes. Good. And then your gifts. So he gave me this box. And I opened it. And I kind of assumed it was going to be this little Chanel necklace that I'd seen and open. And it was a cardiac box. And I was like. I there was no sanctioned Cartier kinda get but I opened it up. And I was like, oh, that's so pretty and so he was like you haven't seen that before. And I'm like, no. And he was like, oh, I think he didn't understand because obviously you would Samara picked it out. But I think he he thought that I had seen it before got it. He didn't understand you guys were just gathering suggest right? Right. And so he thought it was something I wanted. Yeah. I thought it was very pretty. Yeah. Maybe a little delicate for me if he had picked it out. Right. I would've loved it. Right. But when I understood he really didn't. But anyway, it was so nice about it. Oh, it's so beautiful. He was like do you love it? I'm like, no. I love it. It's so pretty imbo on put it on. Like, do you love it? Right. So I could tell I could see like he was kind of lukewarm on. And then he was we'll wait a minute. And then he goes away. It comes back and hands me this gorgeous box. And I'm like, well, what's that? And I opened. Up. And it was something that I picked out that I. I had seen the jeweler a couple of weeks ago. Yeah. And I totally forgot I'm like I love. And he was like, oh good. I'm so glad because that was kind of the reaction I was expecting the first one. And I was like and it wasn't like the first one. I mean, honestly wasn't like it was a huge expensive radium. Sweet. It was cute. It wasn't something that I would wear the I don't know. But the second thing. Excited. I was so, but the nice thing is I actually went on the cardio website. And I saw something I love. Oh, good. And so he's gonna take me this weekend. We're gonna exchange it. Okay. There you go. So it all turned out. Great. But this ring I love, but you know, it's so funny, and you're going to die when I tell you this story what? So art and don't think I'm crazy. Will you wilting crazy? So let me finish this part. So we so we do all the gifts. And of course, I make biscuits and whatever. And then and then I was like I'm going to drink champagne and the kids like you're in Oklahoma, eight o'clock in the morning. It's brench port orange juice it feels about and then after a while. So we started at seven by eight thirty they all left and cocoa..

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