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Mike arab a new show today. Dave you said he gives some follow over the weekend. Some big changes to thrive. Well i'm just going to do it. I'm not good at conversing with people. Converse talent yeah. This is not so i'm just gonna i'm gonna host it but i got a different spin on mike today do by myself. Oh yeah but it's going to be pushed out jesus. I'll do mike if you wanna do that way. I just don't think. I add any value is not sound like an argument is like i'm not great at talking. Some of the more you have a hosting role. I'm good at just being a fucking idiot. Amy crazy yeah. What do you mean like your stupid hits thing that i interact with the chat rooms and stuff like that. That's easy to me. That stuff's normal. She'll wrap up show no. I told him to do something different. It's gonna be more like. I guess you could call it youtube than than back and forth hosting type thing boy. It sounds good as opposed to what i sound like shit. You ones last week. So you're going to do like like What's his name. Alastair black yourself cuts like why be like on. Today's show kirk talks about accident. I'd had the clip to the show. And then i call. Caller daddy was like all his editing. Within i don't think so. No spend that much time on the please. No i won't. I won't i won't. She's rabbit phobia wednesday. All right see. That's look forward to and we're back tomorrow boys youtube tonight. Uk with the channels. Zero guys i guess. They got us in trouble before like a strike. Did yeah you don't care so it's fine. It's on the network doing what they're channels zero show which is subject to you know I haven't listened to you. Know spiracy. So i guess they got a strike. Last time i remember this. I didn't know that was a big deal about that. When i was on the he was apologetic. Okay good enough wonderful. All right we'll talk tomorrow. This was pretty reprehensible. I i don't know how it can be anybody's idea humor..

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