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Let's go back to the beginning or almost the beginning just before jeremy irons had his first taste of acting to set the stage irons was born in nineteen 48 and he went to boarding school about ten miles from home home was the isle of wight in the english channel just off the coast of south hampton i'll i'll an awful lot on a trip to the mainland was a big events from top maybe one sierra although log good across the speedboat and some minutes but than it was a long way away and i was brought up in a house was converted stable block uh the garden leading into a few leading into a word that led to the harbour where we would keep three boats so in the holidays when i was back from my boarding school i would rides her needs which suited me because my tastes laws and still is to go off salt in a solitary manner with something i can communicate with whether it be a boat to dog or or the force so i would do that i the sale will override the ride the horses it was in dili child jeremy irons spoke with the academy of achievement in london in 2000 though he's been a guest speaker at the academy summits many times since most recently accompanied by his gorgeous lee scruffy rescue dog smudge smudge irons naturally has his own twitter feed as do way it's hashtag what it takes pod you can follow us there or on facebook or instagram but i digress when jeremy irons sat to record this conversation about his life with mark packed her for.

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