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Seven seven deals C D A L. I think things that Genesis communications network from this show happen picnics Jason it was working the dials Vic, thanks for tuning. And we really do appreciate it. We'll get the follow us on Twitter at eight on Facebook that up to Delhi show so girl eleven year old girl has died. Because she brushed her teeth. She was allergic to something in her toothpaste. She had a dairy allergy, according to Monique ultima ratio the bone. Her daughter Denisov thought, it was only eleven years old from California. And I guess they never expected milk ingredients to be the toothpaste. And she handed her daughter, the toothpaste depress your teeth. And the mom said contrary to what everyone's telling me, I feel like failed her oh poor thing. Aalto? Moreno said our daughter have been working with an allergist, and she was one years old and that as a family that always read labels to make sure products were safe for the younger sister. But on April fourth after his new prescription toothpaste while brushing her teeth next door teen sisters tragedy struck. She said, I think I'm having an allergic reaction to the toothpaste her lips were already turning blue so mom picked her up put her in her bed ranch. The living room called nine one. One grabbed an epi pen can minister, the epi pen gave Denise inhaler. And then was benign one to start CPR. He was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, died April six so Dante was reportedly using. M I paste one toothpaste it does contain a warning label about an ingredient containing milk protein, but nobody in the family sought. So the mom says read everything don't get comfortable just because you've been managing for several years. You can't get comfortable or bears to ask. And it. Sure that ingredients are okay. The an advocate for your child. That is just heartbreaking. I, you know, these food allergies are scaring the hell out of people because I don't remember growing up. You know, somebody dying after we did a cookie you remember we were talking about. There was a girl that was over at a friend's house and the chips ahoy cookies the red container once or QE as opposed to the blue and white bags are the crisp. And so there was kind of a red chips ahoy back or kind of a package so the girl grabs one, but she didn't realize it was a rhesus chips ahoy, and she is deathly allergic to peanuts. Chance of dying because you grab the cookie without reading the packaging. I don't remember us heavy people dodge bullets or die suddenly because of things like this. I was on a plane flying back from Minneapolis to Vegas and the flight attendant had to urge us all multiple times to not eat any peanuts or tree nuts because there was somebody on the plane with a peanut or tree nut allergy. And the person sitting in front of me said well too late. I just had peanuts. As the guy next. It was like, okay. We'll just don't go near anybody else. Or you know, and it it did kind of invoke some fear into all of us that somebody could actually die because somebody is eating peanuts next to them. That is a real vulnerability. Speaking, the kipps soy. On April thirteenth. There was a recall of the chewy chips ahoy food recalls happen all the time. But this one caught people's eyes because there's an unexpected solidified ingredients. And I'm not exactly sure what that ingredient is. But there has been a chips ahoy chewy chips ahoy recall now, again, I wouldn't be surprised that this has to do with maybe peanut or something. But I guess people are kind of freaking out about why QA chips I had to be recalled. So we'll keep you guys posted on that. What eight seven seven one eight seven seven zero see the now Saint to doctors claim they have found a cure for bubble boy disease. Have you guys remember bubble? Boy. I remember this from Seinfeld where there was a kid who had to live in a bubble. This big plastic thing, right? He can talk to his mom. He could play he could sleeve he can eat. But he if anybody mess with his plastic he because he had a very very vulnerable immune system, and they kind of made jokes about on Seinfeld. But it really is serious. And so these kids that have a very weakened immune system. They have to basically liberty. You feel I figured it bubble. So doctors medical centers think they've cured ten infants. Of the quote, unquote, bubble boy disease. Relying on the trickery used by the aids virus the HIV virus, and it's a genetic defect. That leaves children usually voice without an immune system. So the technique replaces a defective version of a team that the body needs to build cells that seek out and destroy invading germs and earlier versions of the treatment were less efficient and could unfortunately trigger leukemia. But this allowed a kind of a gene swap and the doctor said they skirted the leukemia problem by implanting insulator around the replace gene, preventing the treatment from accidentally activating other adjacent genes and causing cancer. So leukemia's where a blood cell decides to go rogue and become cancerous? So they have these insulators around the replaced, gene. Three months after treatment non defective immune cells appeared at all the one of the treated children that child had successfully treated with a second round. Gene therapy, twelve months at therapy, all of development, and any infections they have suffered because of their disabled immune system have disappeared and on top of that. No sign of leukemia. So lead author Dr L Alina, ma'am cars says the kids are cured because for the first time we were able to restore all three types of cells that constitute a full of Megyn system. This is fantastic news. This patients are able to generate a healthy fully functional system and are now responding to vaccinations, and that's a first for gene therapy trial. So the results of these eight babies treated at Saint Jude, and you UCSF are going to appear in the New England Journal of medicine. They were treated when they were to to fourteen months old Stephen followed for seven to twenty five months. So they're still going to be watched it on well into their childhood, and adulthood, and the tenth child is due to be released from the hospital this week or months after treatment. So this could be a lifelong. Less earlier tremors were less efficient and saints now. Visit this bubble. Boy disease has a specific meaning to it is called x linked severe combined immunodeficiency or s c I x one. So it's a rare genetic defect that causes the baby to beat the fences that gives infection. Now, we were talking about in the previous hour survival of the fittest. And the ethics was signed. This is where it gets tricky as a doctor. If we have the knowledge, and we have the ability. To save a child, we do it. Okay. To me. That's where our ethical compass should be. But I understand how there's a lot of people are Wiggins. Right. That look go, look, you know, we have somebody that was born with jeans. That would not allow it to survive in the outside world. Using. Science only. No emotion. Should that person be artificially kept alive? And intervened when their progeny may not be fit as well. In terms of survival of the fist. And you're going to see these discussions come up more. They're not very popular. But are quietly being had because people are getting concerned about how much we're messing with nature, and we talked about, you know, how you know with Zeke of iris outbreak. There's been a lot of rumblings that that was a one hundred percent our fault. Where you had a virus? Zeke of it's been around since the forties. All of a sudden we start messing around with mosquitoes to stop the prevention of malaria, we send these mosquitoes out in Brazil. And now we have the Zeke of iris and the eighties aegypti mosquito. I've believe it was the one that scientists were working on. Now, we have no proof. These are some rumblings in some rumors. But. People who want to progress in medicine. And want to help save kids that could be saved if you could save a kid you're going to want to do it. Then the question is. Is that in its best interest? Well, yeah. Personally, you saved the life, and I'm for the site of saying save the life. But you have a lot of concerns. What this new gene technology where we could splice out a bad, gene? Insert a new, gene? And make you whole. And are we going to get punished by nature? The also one question people have is. Well, okay that bad, gene. How do you know, you got all the bad genes? How do you know, they won't have a baby with the different disorder? Well, hopefully, they do genetic analysis, and they could tell that could predict that..

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