A highlight from EPISODE #715 'Long Overdue!' - The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd


World of classic literature. In fact we now find the to unwilling allies coming out of get another literature jump and crashing down on a sandy beach will either settle river. City has somehow miraculously got itself a long stretch of deserted beach stuck and yet another book. Aj we're in another book though good But which one. I wonder treasure island. What's treasure island about pirates pirates. I hope not. I guess we could be in swiss family robinson. What's that what about switch family that gets shipwrecked on a desert island. Sounds like that would make a thrilling theme park attraction or we could be stuck in. Oh no i hope not what. Oh please let it not be what no what. What's what can anyone heroes. what are you doing. someone's liable to hear you and if it's those pirates you mentioned it's probably better if they didn't really stop it because if it isn't the pirates that here you it'll be that swiss family and that'll be even worse than they know how to yodel. You know. I'm hoping that someone hears us. Because if they don't mean would you finish a sentence for once that means what that means. We're stuck in robinson crusoe by daniel defoe. What's that book about something. Worse than pirates and yo- linked much worse. It's about two men stranded alone on a deserted island with only each other for company. Hello is the name of all that is good. Please answer us know us. I think we're in robinson crusoe. What are you waiting for. Push the button on the translator or remote controlling. Get us out of here. Okay here we go. Floyd wiz the loud bang and the blinding flash of light. I don't know let me push it again. Great you broke it. No i didn't. I just held it in my hand. I've even been wearing the wrist. Strap g went. Obviously you push the button to hod one too many times. Let me push it. Give it a try. Fantastic dr steve. I think the batteries in the trans literal remote control are good. We may be stuck in robinson crusoe for good while warning. Dr steve way. The gravity of this situation let us travel back to the real world to the settle river public library where we find agnes librarian now leading. Dr floyd young apprentice. Dr grant and thankful robot companion chips as well as dr. Steve suck shape assistant vigilant down to the classic literature section of the library where they hope to discover the whereabouts of dr floyd and dr st. And here's the thing that looks somewhat like a laser cannon that we've found after there was a big bang and those doctors ran out of the library. Golly sure does look menacing. And you just been going every now and then it's sort of points itself at another book on the shelf there and then there's a loud bang a blinding flash of light. I wonder what it's doing when it's doing that application application that the doctors must have dropped patent application when they were running out of the library. Let me see that. let's this here. The purpose of the translator is to transport the desire target preferably a despised enemy and anyone within close contact of said target into any book. The user desires to poke technology even in the real world as the time traveling alien robot coin teiken. That's what could have happened to lloyd and don't stay transport it into a book. The pen application here mentions a remote control. But i don't seem to see one here with the machine right acne. Can you say that the machine has been hiring but yes and random times just goes off. That's why no one's from the classic literature section are hundred. Donna floyd not somehow wound up with the remote control and they've been jumping from book to book for the past two weeks. I bet you're right chips. But if they have the remote control how are we going to be able to get them back. Well according to the paper's you blowing this machine azabu and it transposed this object into that book. Now what can we pointed out to get them to return from the book that they are in well when people who have a library card to return from a reading adventure. They dropped their book into the book. Return here at the library. Hey that just might work. If we point the translator at the book return. Maybe dr floyd dr. Steve will return from the book that they are in. Your rights injured. The book return upstairs is a little too small to hold both of them but the big book return by the street outside should just be big enough. I told the transmitter outside and get it. Pointed at the book. Return before dr. Lloyd and dr steve push the button on contaminant. And that's just what heroes and agnes a librarian begin to do. But how will their plan work when it seems that the translator remote control is that about a repower. Let's check in with the florida. Dr steve and see if they've come up with any solutions to their power problem. The batteries are definitely did. Oh i wish roy hinkley was here. He'd know what to do. Roy hinkley does a professor from gilligan's island. He could find a way to power that. Translate to a remote control with coconuts and bamboo. You knew understand. That jalen was a tv show documentary right if it was on tv and it must be true. Oh brother wait a minute tv. That's it torch it. Let me see that remote again. I think i know how to get us a little more juice out of those batteries. Well when figure deny are watching. Tv and the batteries in the remote control seemed to be dead fidget. Has this little trick where he opens up the battery compartment and rose the batteries around a little bit like this then the magic elves that live within the batteries wake up and get back to work or the friction from rolling. The batteries around cleans the context a little and result in a better connection with the terminals. Yeah or that doesn't always work though but it might just work in this case you're ready to give it a shot ready. Everybody dr steve pushes the button on the transitory remote controls. There was a lot of bang. A blinding flash of light and the to disappear from the beach in a blink moments later

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