A highlight from Will a broken manifesto promise to fund social care pay off?

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Podcast. I'm katie goals. Land joined by. Jane's saif and we just have burst in where he unveiled his social care. Plan and general. Nhs funding stretchy to mp's. James has been lots of huffing. Puff in recent days from mp's some publicly and many ministers anonymously by how much they oppose berge johnson's plan. But what did the prime minister. Let's say and what was the initial response. So i think what we most relieved about is how little tutorial position there was to the planet rob halpin to about mitigations for lower paid workers in terms of paying national insurance. Increase damian green. Ray pertinent question. Which is if you're gonna. How do you ensure that the nhs doesn't swallow up all this money. This money is initially meant to go for the nhs backlog and then moved to social his points very. How do you ensure what actually happens. But i think the tory rebellion which was quite in evidence in the weekend papers. I think definitely that was less about today. It would be a big surprise based on today in the chamber if there was a sizeable tori about illness. I think you saw some trying to frame this as he's hiding to break his manifesto promise because of the backlogs in the nhl schools by coded. He said look. I break my manifesto promise lately but global pandemic wasn't in anyone's manifesto. He was trying to argue that if he didn't take this action. Then the wasting this could rise to thirty million. He claimed about one. In four people in england and i think that this is the way he is trying to frame his trying to use the public's affection for the chest to justify the tax rise. I mean the political danger for him is that he falls between two stools is that he has raised taxes. He has broken manifesto promise but they didn't get a clear grip on the nhs waiting list. And so you end up with people feeding. They pay more times but they haven't got that much back in in return for. I mean that is the political risk. I in that that is more. This remains again and james do think to specific details of the policy of how to reduce the scale of rebellion in the sense. That one of the issues you've had in recent weeks is it hasn't been much reached out to. Mp's cabinet any share in the pan. This morning was it the fact that as she did the prominent place is as bad. Then as reported took is not so much. I think it's the it's the kind of reality but but but it's happening and if you want to oppose it now you're going to have to vote against the government and to vote against the government on tax and spend is about fundamental as it gets. I also think that one of the problems that this planet supplement is kind of a lack of preparation and i think there is an unfairness in the system. That if you get cancer the cost of your care largely covered if you got out farmers that largely not and and so i think that that resonates with people and i think the decision for example to also increase the tax on dividend income and to extend national insurance to working age pensioners. I mean all of those slightly offset some of the claims of generational pants on. Obviously if you see the triple lock as we expect it to be suspended for your i mean. That's another thing that helps on on that point of a generational fans point. I think he he's helped by the that kissed on one. Good question for sponsors. Can you guarantee. But this will clear the backlog nelson county personas. How big the bible is. But i guess. Domains response is held by the fact that he's not against extra money for the nhs but he can't say how he would fund it. And i think he's a problem for labor because they are against this tax rise but they are for the money so what is their answer. Interesting nine hundred. I think we can hit kissed dahmer. He's party of mr speaker. Read my lips. The taurus could never again claim to be the party of low and can hear what boris johnson now zaza. Tory party is the

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