The Manager and the Vaccine

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Cain that pandemic of cove nineteen has made our lives much more interesting to say. The least interesting is the word we're gonna use for the purposes of this context and the roles of us at work and of us as managers at work have become much harder as we've been saying for years. Remote management is much more challenging then managing in person and most managers. Let's be honest. We're barely keeping up before they moved remote and now this new world the remoteness of it all the complexities. That come with all of this whole situation throws even more at us. Remote management the lack of communication zoom. Burn out with shop. Priorities supply chain disruption travel restrictions budget. Layoffs tension challenges. I mean there's a lot and here we are one more to add to. Our list of stressful items is vaccinations. What is the manager's role in terms of nations. And how do we do our duty and as always we've got the answer for you so we are gonna cover four things today. I private organizations are within their rights to mandate vaccines second managers. First responsibility is to the organization third. The manager must support organizational vaccine roles. Fourth and finally effective managers will communicate frequently with their directs. We start with the fact that a private organization is within their right here. Yup obviously we have suspect or we assume that you know this and in case you don't private organizations at least in the united states are entitled to enforce any reasonable precaution that is in the service of the organization's mission mission and

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