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I love the word. Plop plop of this and you clock it and it's bourbon book. Apparently hey bomb squad. You're listening to radio cherry bomb. I'm your host kerry diamond. We're coming to you from newsstands studios at rockefeller center in the heart of new york city. Today is a fun day because our guest is andy. Pirozhki who many of you know in love as the food and wine guy from net flicks is queer eye. Anthony has a brand new book. Let's do dinner his second cookbook and is out september fourteenth. He joins me in just a bit to talk all about the book and what he's been up to. I'd like to thank our friends at carry gold for supporting radio. Cherry bomb carry. Gold is the maker of beautiful irish butter and cheese made from grass fed dairy. I've actually visited some of the carry gold family farms in ireland and seen firsthand how they make their incredible product. If you haven't tried carry gold look at the next time. You're at your favorite grocery store and speaking of jerry gold. Tonight is the cherry bomb cheese ball. Yes cheese ball taking place at the demo kitchen at the new ace hotel brooklyn. We've got a fun night of fashion and from aaj store for those who are joining us. Our special guest is marissa. Mullen of this cheese plate will change your life. What else will have a special sparkling wine toast with mum napa a cheese-tasting with kerry gold cambozola and cypress grove and especial cheese inspired dessert reception. Those oth chokola and cafe pana. The event is sold out but you can follow all the action on instagram. Ever joining us tonight. I will see you soon. And in the meantime enjoy my chat with antony peroxy antony. Welcome to radio terry bomb. Thank you for having me. We are recording this right. Before you start your book tour. I saw your dates out there. How does it feel to have booked number. Two's launch right around the corner very different than it did with book. One i think with you know with the first book. I didn't really know what to expect. Because i had never written a cookbook before. I'd never gone on tour for anything before. It was a lot of firsts with. Let's do dinner with my second book. It's been a lot of start. Stop as the entire world has been. I think for a lot of us. You know we started on this book. It was actually slated to come out Last year and then of course the world took a whole but it was nice. 'cause i got to go and retest. Some of the recipes and work on like head notes are so important to me. Because i just i love to write novels every single thing and thank goodness. My lovely co author. Dear friend mindy fox not only a great often but she's also fantastic enter and on top of that. We had an editor. So i add really strong. Women around me reminding needed like less is more until like cut out a lot of the nonsense. Not everyone needs ten pages of notes for every single recipe. The only person who gets away with that gela nigeraia gets to write a book as head. Note so i just talked to my head back very dramatically because feast is one of my favorite like my voice shape about it. 'cause it's it's just one of the most beautifully written books ever were there. She she manages to make it also comforting and olney but also there's a sensuality in which she writes with. That's just like a high. Just i love her so much. I love her so much. She wrote a story for new issue. Which is all about cookbooks. and shafts. she's such a beautiful writer that she makes me wanna just like hang up my hat and not be. I know it's like why. Am i doing what i'm doing. What people like exactly. That's exactly how i feel. Well anyway you book is wonderful. So i didn't realize it was supposed to come out last year. Yes we push it forward a little and now it's coming out this year and it's a whole new world even with touring it's trying to like. Pay attention to everything that's going on in in the cities it's not. We're not just able to show up to you. Know larger bookstores and independent bookstores. As we wish in throw events do lines and get to like meet and greet every person that comes in. But that said. I'm just like really excited to connect with people who are just like out there and want to cook. Queer is so fulfilling in so many ways. But it's nice to be able to to just kind of like do my own thing. It's kind of like by little by little side project. If you will my little solo album absolutely i mean you hit the new york times bestseller list with your last one. So i did no pressure for the but it's making the top forty with your solo album so why let's do dinner. Why not another meal. Let's do breakfast. Let's do brunch for me. Personally i don't know like it all kind of two reasons while many reasons for it but i think when i look back at you know childhood the most important meals of the day were really breakfast and dinner and breakfast wasn't really about cooking. It was all about a massive fruit board and my father would slice opened up a pie but fresh lime and some flake salt and you know pineapple with mitt. And all that kind of stuff. But there wasn't that much preparation involved and then for dinners My mother is an excellent home. Cook and not was really Living in a pretty dysfunctional family that was like the one moment we all really got along and where we sat an experience like a tremendous amount of joy because we would just beating really good food and we wouldn't be fighting most of the time And i

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