A Stroll Through Racing History: September 11th


On september tenth. Two thousand one keeneland association in lexington kentucky opened its annual september. Yearling sale a colt by leading sire storm cat. Top the opening session at five point. Five million dollars the final crop of legendary sire. Mr prospector was attracting considerable interest. As well it was business as usual but the following morning as handlers presented yearlings to prospective buyers in the bar area and as consigners were busy rushing updates to the sales pavilion images of coordinated terrorist attacks on the united states began. Filling newscasts being streamlined. On television monitors located throughout keeneland sales complex there were horrific images from new york from washington dc and from pennsylvania the nation was thrown into chaos on the keeneland sales grounds individuals who only moments earlier had been preoccupied with selling and buying horses suddenly stopped. They stared in disbelief struggling to comprehend what was unfolding on the east coast. Keeneland officials immediately announced that the start of the sale will be delayed by one hour but then as the depth of the attacks became more fully known. The decision to the way became a decision to postpone with keeneland. The mount saint that the sale would not continue until the following day at the earliest given that it was tuesday. Only eleven tracks across the country rescheduled the host. Live racing the downs at albuquerque delaware. Park fairmount park fair. Plex finger lakes great lakes downs. The meadowlands mountaineer racetrack philadelphia park prairie meadows and sunray park all eleven canceled. Most racing facilities would remain closed the following day as well at keeneland the president. Nick nicholson announced the formation of a red cross relief fund. It raised one hundred thirty thousand dollars within the first twenty. Four hours in the midst of the shock. Anger and sadness. There was also a stronger sense of community beginning to emerge

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