Miami International Airport Boasting US' First COVID-Detecting Dogs


A dog looking for covert is it even possible. Evidently it is and now you can find them at miami international airport for dogs trained to detect kobe. Nineteen as part of a pilot program. This is cobra one of the dogs trained to detect the virus. Watch how she sits. After she smells the inside of a mask that has deactivated virus in it. Then watch how. She just keeps walking when she smells the mask of someone who's not infected. The dogs are ninety. Seven percent accurate. I mean it's the same as the pc test. It means it's a great. It's a great thing miami. International airport is the first in the nation to have the dogs. I think in this particular airport. Now we're doing it with the employees but people will see the dogs and know that that's another weapon that we're using to fight this

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