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Taking a look at KSFO traffic. It's a new stall heading out of San Francisco, right, laying on the lower deck of the Bay Bridge out before the tunnel. It is backing up north one Oh, one, which was already slow. There is road work in the right lane on the eastbound Skyway. So the back of the line just before Vermont Street heading out to the tunnel. It is a new problem in Mill Peters and overturned big rig It's got the land is off ramp from north beyond 6 80 Shutdown and the eastbound Montague Expressway connector onto north Beyond 6 80 also taken away for now crash on Mission Boulevard in Fremont, it warm springs that is backing up the mission worn off ramp onto North 8 80. And north Beyond 17 roadwork heading out towards Scotts Valley. Watch out for ongoing slow movers. They're just north of Highway one. As you make your way through the work zone. It's down to one lane in the area and with a look at KSFO traffic. I'm Michael Green. You might have noticed the change in your neighborhood lately? Yep. Sprint stores are now T mobile stores Now that spread his T mobile, you get more coverage, value and benefits and ever before we've invested billions to bring our five G from big cities to small

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