More Than 45 Dead After Ida's Remnants Blindside Northeast


The unbelievable scenes destruction of the remnants of hurricane ida battered the northeast secretary of energy jennifer. Granholm joins me to talk about the urgent need for climate infrastructure ahead. At least forty. Three people are dead in the northeast. After the remnants of hurricane ida swept through the area last night record breaking rainfall led to massive and dangerous flooding with streets like these in newark new jersey essentially turned into rivers. Newark received an all time high daily total of more than eight inches of rain as well as a record one hour total of nearly three and a quarter inches in one hour. The airport newark had to temporarily suspend flights with floodwaters evening reaching inside the terminal buildings in southern new jersey. A tornado hit the town of a hill causing catastrophic damage. A tornado in jersey. Leveling some homes down the foundations new york city so deluca arenas well more than seven inches falling in central park. And get this. The city said new early record more than three inches of rain record which smashed the record set just eleven days prior with hurricane. Own re this subway station in brooklyn was just one of many inundated by floodwaters grinding the entire system to a halt. You couldn't get a train last night. Passengers had to be rescued from seventeen subway. Cars resident of downtown manhattan captured. This scene water rushing in to the living room of her duplex apartment. Homes across the region sustained devastating flood damage. This bridgeport pennsylvania neighborhood remained underwater today after a nearby river overflowed water. Rescues were carried out this morning.

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