Doris Duke's Dark Secret


Residents of posh neighborhood in newport rhode island her terrible crash on october seventh nineteen sixty six. When they went outside to investigate they saw a woman whose face they knew quite well. In fact most people in america would have recognized her. She was tall and blonde and wandering days near a smash car crying out for eddie. The woman's name was doris duke when she'd been born headlines declared her the richest little girl in the world. But on this day. Doris was in early fifties far from a little girl anymore and she clearly crashed a station wagon into a tree across the street. From her insanely opulent tudor style. Mansion on bellevue avenue. Louis judah thorn a father daughter duo who happened to be driving by were the first to stop at the scene judith. Followed the tall blonde. Woman into the tudor home trying to figure out if she needed help. Lewis stayed outside and realized it wasn't the woman who needed help was the man beneath her car. Lewis couldn't see much but he could tell the man wasn't moving within minutes police would descend on the scene and do everything they could to ensure that this incident became a crime of the century. That barely anyone would ever even hear about

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