Matt Boyle: We Are at War With the Radical Left


Is the biggest obstacle. The left is going to be the left. The democrat party has become the most radical it has ever been since it created the kkk but the gop just hasn't learned the significance of what happened in two thousand sixteen and it sounds like to me. President trump agrees with that assessment. Yeah look and that's the point. Is that president. Trump was zoning on all these republicans. Whether it'd be lindsey graham. He had a lot to say about him. He had a lot to say about mitch. Mcconnell mitt romney he calls them little. Ben sasse right like all these other characters so i highly encourage people go read it. But here's the point is that the big picture is these establishment republicans whether it's those ones are other ones in the house or governors out certain blends. They don't understand that we are in a war here with this radical left that you speak of their for what kind of country we want to have this culture war. It's a political war. It the there are two visions and why only one will succeed either our vision or their vision. There's no compromise when people like this so we need to we these republicans to start acting like right like president trump gets it in there by the way and that was the other thing. President trump did praise a lot of republicans during this interview to he spoke very highly center. Hawley of senator haggerty And several other republicans around the country but those two in particular. He was very pleased with. But i'm saying is that there are there are a lot of republicans who do get who do understand that we're in a war and they are fighting but the problem is these establishment. Republicans don't seem to get it. They use the wake up. Wake up and realize that the if the left wins they're gonna crush us

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