The Time Peter the Great Declared War on Facial Hair


The first man to lose his beard is the commander of the army next up a childhood friend of czar and then all of the nobleman assembled one after the other get their beards chopped off by none other than the czar himself. The men had come out this morning just to welcome their leader home. Peter the great has returned to moscow. After a year long tour of europe he got in last night and so his friends and supporters showed up today to pay their respects. Many of them are boyer's the most important and wealthy members. The russian elite some are religious officials or royal advisers. None of them are expecting peter to pull out a barber's razor and hold it to their throats. This is intimidating. The czar is very tall. Six foot seven. He towers over the assembled bearded. Boyer's peter himself is clean-shaven which is the fashion in europe. And in fact that's why he's doing this. He thinks that the long beards all around him represent the old russia. He wants to ring in the new and so this morning thanks. To peter's razor long beards are falling into the street as the confused. Noblemen look around and see new faces emerging from beneath collective decades of beard. Peter does stop short of shaving. A few faces. The patriarch of the russian orthodox. Church is there and he gets a pass. Beards have a religious significance in russia. A serious one. They're tied to piety and self respect. The apostles wore beards in many depictions. God himself is shown with a beard. Czar ivan the terrible. Put it this way quote to shave. The beard is a sin that the blood of all the martyrs cannot clinton's so as they walk away with their freshly shaved faces. These men know that something deadly serious has occurred.

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