Mark Lamb: Allowing Unvetted Afghan Refugees Into the US Is Extremely Dangerous


Already know this. Special immigrant visas between january march. The state department denied eighty four percent of them eighty percent denied because the head kind of better. They had time to look for derogatory information various databases including now during the rush to load planes. Get people out there. The ministrations looking back removed them. That people so right now fill. The planes would do very little vetting and we'll handle it in the united states. This is extremely dangerous for national security. There are gonna be people come to this country to have been properly vetted and the advocates from looking for releasing detained. This is a very dangerous situation with the united states. right now by administration is not paying attention. This is a very very dangerous time for america. Let's talk to somebody who's trying to keep a safe. Actually from the people exploiting immigration system especially those coming across Open southern border. A good friend of america. I the sheriff for penile county in arizona. Sheriff mark lamb. Welcome back to the salem radio network as you showed us the signs the evidence of the smuggling when we were down there. Tell us how the events of just the last eight days impact what you'll trying to do. We've already had analysis that that afghans are going to exploit the southern route. Have you seen anything. Or what are you preparing for sheriff lamb. You know we always prepare for this. We've known that there's people from middle. East countries would say call high interest countries. Which would be iraq afghanistan iran. I talked to the sheriff in Yuma county and he told me they had seventeen the comment that have come to the sector this year alone out from those high interest countries. There's been people from ninety seven countries coming in through a coming in through these borders and so this is of high interest to always but now with what's happening in afghanistan. We are very concerned about this. You know why because we haven't presidency to build a secure southern border from those coming from the south american countries never other countries. Why would i have any faith that they can protect us from those coming from these high interest countries where terrorism where they breed terrorism.

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