Arizona Cardinals' Kliff Kingsbury on Hot Seat?

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All right my friend. We've covered three quarters of the national football league and we save kind of the best for last as far some of the most competitive divisions in the national football league so we may as well starting out in my neck of the woods relatively speaking with the arizona cardinals who find themselves pain as six to one hundred dollars to win the nfc west. This season their win. Total sits at eight and a half. You do have to lay a buck in a quarter if you wanna go. Under that total third season in the valley of the sun for cliff kingsbury last two years of tailed off in the latter. Half of the schedule. When you look at how this team performed. They lost six out of their final nine games. Second year in a row as we said they fallen apart down the stretch. Arizona elite league and penalties and you begin to worry about the decision making enga- management that oak liffey boy has shown since taking over last winning season for this franchise came back in two thousand fifteen where they were pummeled by the panthers in the playoffs but point differential last year plus forty three best amongst teams. That didn't finish with a winning record. Missed out a postseason berth. By virtue of a tiebreaker is the chicago bears edge. Them out schedule though starts all away from home where they'll play three or four on the highway to kick things off when you look at the arizona cardinals pain. We know it's all about the offense but they've also made some pretty good editions at least in my opinion on the defensive side as well arizona's tough for me to gauge. And it doesn't help that. They're playing in this division. Which is probably the most competitive and i don't really know i'm sold on kingsbury yet. And we've mentioned this number a couple times over the years but i think it's really interesting because it's mind blowing. You can get an nfl job with a resume like kingsbury. He was twenty three and forty at tack if you remove. Fcs opponents and kansas from his record. So it's really interesting from that

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