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Your podcasts, America is listening to Fox News. Yeah. Enhanced federal unemployment benefits enacted because of the pandemic coming to an end on Monday. Secretary of President Biden is calling on states to extend jobless benefits using coronavirus relief funds. They have the federal money to be able to do that. States continue to have access to a wide array of support. The president made the comments after a disappointing August employment report, which showed 235,000 jobs created, economists had predicted 720,000 president Biden blamed the delta variant for the lower than expected numbers. Rachel Sutherland Foxes. Firefighters in Northern California say they are cautiously optimistic about the battle against the killed or wildfire containment lines are holding just outside South Lake Tahoe, where thousands of people were ordered to evacuate. The secretary of state is headed for the Middle East to discuss with some US allies their plans for diplomatic relations with the new government. In Afghanistan. Secretary of State Antony Blinken will meet with Qatari leaders and U. S diplomats who are continuing the process. Afghan evacuees We continue to maintain channels of communication with the Taliban on issues that are important to us. Starting with the commitment to let people leave Afghanistan should they choose to do so. The Biden administration says there is no rush to recognize the Taliban government and will judge the regime on commitments made when it comes to, um, not allowing Afghanistan to be used. As a launching ground for terrorism directed at at US or any of our allies and partners. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandra May orcas expects 50,000 or more Afghans to be admitted to the U. S. Jared Halpern. Fox News suburban Milwaukee Police say they shot and killed a man Friday who they say kidnapped a man during a Carjacking in a Walmart parking lot. 38 year old mother in suburban Phoenix is dead from a gunshot wound to the chest, police say fired by her five year old son Found a loaded handgun in their apartments

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