Call of Duty: Season 5 Roadmap Revealed

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All right first up. Is that call duties season five is going to be titled reloaded is gonna be hitting us at on september ninth and will basically be a very interesting one because it's gonna have looks like for an operator judge dredd which would interest me quite a bit because i like those movies like the second one breath the sylvester stallone first one but he's a comic book type of character. It's a very interesting worlds. It's very disturbing very sad looking world as well. You're always going to have a few new maps for for backups. Cold war also new warzone perks austin news arby's new seasonal events as well so it's a whole bunch of interesting things with the biggest interesting thing i think. Judge dredd is finally coming to this so this adds to more of the action heroes type of things. We had the eighties. Rambo and john maclean. Now we're going to have this one as well so it's very interesting thing. What they're doing are like this way about doing their little characters. Which i most of the time never really care about in general but this is what we're going to get so be prepared to open your wallet if you wanna get it if not then. It doesn't really matter quite a bit because you can still play but it begins. September will it says seventh but also says ninth on the thing so between that time seventh to ninth and should run until probably about the end of the month probably into october beginning october. In general so be prepared for. Be ready to unlock your wallets and get this. If you feel like you want to get something like this

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