Marjorie Taylor Greene: Republicans Are Fighting for Their Identity


Trump's blessing was that he wasn't a swamp months yes The detriment is that when he got into washington he recorded know he needed sort of some washington sherpas and they did not always lead him in the best direction regarding. Hr do you. I i would a little bit of a different route. So i wasn't here. When he was building his administration. I was you sort your tax bill from the outside. But here's what i feel. That's happening right now in the gop and the reason why we aren't capable we're not even to a point to build a bench is we're fighting for our entity now see. Here's the here's the thing. The people that are in charge of the gop haven't fully embraced the fact that they are not supported by seventy percent of the base even though the base is screaming at them every single day that we don't support you. We support president broncos. President trump is an anomaly. Who's going to disagree totally They're still trying to get rid of him. All we got a few more years people forget people forget but people are not going to forget. And that's why we're incapable right now. We're fully incapable of building a bench because we are still fighting them enforcing them to realize president. Trump's not going away america. I is not going away and if you people do do not get it in here. What people are saying we are going to remove you and take you out and we will replace you from the bottom up exactly and that's what's going to

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