Why Racist Policies Not People Are the Problem


Dr kennedy welcome to the podcast. Oh it's always great. John beyond so the last time you were here you were on with your co editor of four hundred souls community. History of african america sixteen nineteen to twenty nineteen. But i've asked you here so low today because your name was invoked in my interview with a former new orleans mayor mitch landrieu and i thought you know what is a good opportunity to to have dr kennedy on. Here's what mitch said. Dr abram mix kennedy has said something that i had not really thought much about he basically has posited the theory that we've always moved side-by-side good with evil and one overtakes the other from time to time and both are always present. And then mitch goes on to say. And i don't know whether i don't know that he's more right than wrong. But it sure feels like right. Now the forces of what. I would describe as white nationalism white supremacy this notion that somehow whiteness is essential to the future of america for some people who consider themselves to be. Patriots is a very dangerous idea. And this this idea of good and simultaneously basically coexisting in one overtaking. The other i would love for you to since he's attributing it to you talk more about that. Where does that come from. And how does it manifest itself good and evil. Well i mean. I have written about the sort of racial history of this country a history of of of racial progress in an even a history of racists progress. I don't i wouldn't necessarily call it the clash between good and evil because i think it's it's important trustee too complicated even further in that you know you you have people who express sort of or maybe a part of both off forces at different times or or you have people have good intentions but you know it. Has you know a difficult outcome in. And still i don't know if we can essentially call that good or

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