Catherine Bondonno of Edith Cowan University on Leafy Greens and Heart Disease


Imagine if you could add years to your life and improve your chances of not dying from heart disease imagine if it only took one small change but first why is heart. Disease important is the cause of nearly eighteen million lives lost each year. The sad fact is that a large number of these deaths are preventable. Why because the development of the majority of risk factors for heart disease can be avoided. The good news is that we can reduce risk for heart disease through our diet. We have found that eating one cup per day or vegetables like lettuce. Beetroot and spinach can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. We analyze data from over fifty. Three thousand participants of the danish died cancer and health. Study over a twenty three year period. We evaluated the died followed by participants focusing on vegetable nitrate intake against health outcomes related to the hot. We found that participants who followed a nitrate rich vegetable diet. Had about a two and a half millimeter. Mercury lower systolic blood pressure and a twelve to twenty six percent lower risk of heart disease compared to participants consuming less nitrate rich vegetables and other key finding was at one cup of leafy green vegetables was enough to reach the optimal levels of nitrate calculated at fifty nine milligrams per day. We did not see for the benefits in people who ate higher levels of nitrate rich vegetables. So eating just one cup of knighthood rich vegetables can therefore have a valuable impact on the health of your heart

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