Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene Discuss Nancy Pelosi's Mask Mandate


Matt gaetz a congresswoman. Marjorie taylor green. I wanna go to the big targets straightaway. I wanna talk about. We'll talk about the gop in a moment. Let's talk about breaking news of the last week of i think it was thursday with e even providing justification with reference to an unpublished appear reviewed indian study The speaker of the house has decreed that everyone has to wear mosques staff members and visitors. Who don't will be arrested. The chief has allegedly climbed back because of things that you guys and your colleagues did. Let's have a little fun. I i said it on my show on thursday. I'm very impressed. That somebody has invented a force field somehow contains cove it in the house but cents so the culture difference with the senate and the house that you guys got to moss nancy. Because thursday she didn't wear moss but in the senate. Nobody has to now so fourth. Let let me start right here. Let's talk about a second. i'm fed up. I am not interested in people telling me that she is the arch. Strategist i think this woman has lost it. She is so she's mari antoinette on steroids and has no even sense of how what she's doing looks like from the outside am i am i crazy. You are totally wrong about this. I believe nancy pelosi is a master. Strategist i believe. She holds power and money over the rank and file and the democratic party. I believe she has greater control over her caucus. Then paul ryan or kevin mccarthy or john bainer ever had so. I don't disrespect the skill of nancy pelosi and think about this. The masks aren't about healthcare. They aren't about mastercard about we know that. So what are they about control. Ashley wants to show a controlled opposition. She wants to show a controlled conference and that increases her

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