Anti-Vaxxers Go off the Rails at San Diego County Meeting


We're going to start though by talking to a san diego. County board of supervisors member because tuesday night. It was pretty raucous. It went on for hours because a lot of people wanted to speak. And most of them were speaking against any sort of mandates dealing with corona virus vaccine mandates mask mandates the idea of vaccine passports. We played this man. Yesterday's name is matt baker because he was certainly the most entertaining of a number of speakers. That's the wind the wind of time. That's the wind of history. That's the wind blowing through your ancestors bones begging you to do the right thing. Surfing baker is calling upon from ocean. Beach time he goes done. He was saying ohio vouch. It went on for quite a while. Jim decimal taste of talks. With a chair nathan fletcher had lost his mind over this gym. Actually to sit through the entire performance and everybody else's performance for about eight hours. How are you jim. Well i'm tired but Thank god it's friday. Hundred twenty people is this true. Oh yeah at least. I thought it was actually more about one hundred seventy but We had quite a few speakers. Mr baker was one of our more entertaining speakers unfortunately he's getting a lot of the attention vote but you know we. We still had you know. Many parents nurses doctors regular citizens there as well and it was kinda as you mentioned earlier. The sort of a perfect storm of the recall folks the reopen folks. The let them breathe folks that no mass on kids in schools and the no vaccine passports. I mean it was really kind of a wake up. Call to to me

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