Fishing on Anonymous Poker Sites


I'm a huge fan of processes and systems right. I mean in these podcasts. I often give you three steps. Five seven steps. These are the things you need to do blah blah blah. All the jazz right well. When it comes to going fishing on anonymous poker site sites. I have a three step process. Step one is fine. The fish step to isolate the fish. Step three exploit the fish. I'm going to dive into each of those right now. For you step one was to find the fish and for those of you might not know let me give you a definition for the word fish or for the player type fish right. This is a weak level. One player that means they mostly only think about their cards in the board. They're often recreational and they play just way too many hands. In general most of the time fish are passive. But some fish are hyper aggressive and we might call those maniacs or dunks now what are the pre flop actions that indicate a fish now. These are prevalent on anonymous sites. But they're actually across. The board tournaments sitting goes live poker anonymous sites No limit limit poker. They're everywhere right. Listen to these right here. This whole of these will indicate a fish. And if you listen to this podcast. Everything i'm about to tell you is often what i tell you not to do. Right in these various strategy podcasts. So the first one the thing that indicates a fish is any limping at all. The next one is calling to frequently. If you look at a player and you say to yourself oh this guy is always calling. Yeah he's a fish right. Maybe you see these players doing a lot of over calling. That means they call after someone else calls or over limping. Someone else limps. I in vail limp two players limp there the third lemper another pre flop action that indicates a fish is raising and then calling every three bet so basically they just can't find a fold after putting chips in the pot. Another fishy play defending the blinds with any two cards or because it suited or they just can't even fold the jack seven off suit because they put in the big blind already. They're not gonna let you take it from them. Lastly if you're on an online site and you have access to a hud v pip might be greater than twenty five percent. You'll also see a huge gap between v. pippen pfr and those maniacs. Those dunks hyper aggressive fish. They're gonna have a pfr of greater than twenty five percent. Now let me ask you a question. What are the post flop indications of a fish. I have my ideas and let me give. There's four of them for you right now. Number one is that they're calling station. They just overpay with any pair and any draw number two. They fold way too easily on the flop. Turn and that's awesome right because they're just super honest on one of those streets and because they play too many hands remember that veep pip is greater than twenty five percent and they defend away too often they defend it's on pre flop and so they they help you build a nice pot but they give up on the flop return super easily. Yeah that's a player to target one hundred percent right. You're printing money when you see flops against them.

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