U.S. And Britain Warn People to Avoid Kabul Airport


A number of nation. Say there is a high threat of a terrorist attack ads couple airports and have warned their citizens not to travel there australia. The us and uk shoot alerts to their citizens. Those already outside. The airports have been advised to leave the area immediately. So what other things currently like in the country. Melissa fung is a canadian journalist filmmaker and author back in two thousand and eight. She was captured by the taliban and held hostage. Melissa's recently returned to afghanistan to make a film about women therefore aljazeera here is what she told monocle. Twenty four so. Georgina godwin about her efforts to help afghan women. I feel so helpless right now. Just trying to get some my friends on the last flight to canada and being told that the taliban not allowing any afghan nationals into the airport only people with foreign passports or allowed even if you have a letter of these from canada you can't get on that plane you can't get into the airport and so i just feel so i just feel so helpless and so it's personal. These women are my friends. I care about them. They're scared they're in hiding. And i can't help them right now. And it's just been really emotional and frustrating couple weeks since the taliban took the country. And i'm not the only one feeling this one day. Somebody who write the story of this community of women around the world networking trying feverishly to get their friends out. And we're all heartbroken. That's the bottom

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