What if All Food Was Square?


Have you ever been eating dinner and thought this is great but i really wish my entree insides were all the same size and shape. Maybe identical rounded squares. Well square eat heard you and are here with a weekly meal delivery service. That's exactly that food in the form of identically sized rounded squares as the companies deck spread around the internet this week people had trouble figuring out if it was for real. But according to the company's chief marketing officer maria laura florez who spoke to the today show and the over one hundred fifty thousand dollars. They've raised in funding on. We funder it absolutely is quoting today. The miami based company squarely uses processes like low temperature cooking and thermal shocking to turn foods like chicken beef broccoli rice and more into precooked. Fifty gram square patties. The small squares are designed to be consumed in either four or six piece meals for piece meal boxes from sweet break chocolate pancakes to mediterranean. Ciba's asparagus in zucchini range in price. From five fifty to seven ninety nine wants delivered the squares stay fresh for two weeks or more and can be eaten cold or prepared in a variety of ways including sauteed in oil heir fried or warmed in the microwave and quotes and one of the big things that the company is trying to clear up. Is that these aren't meal replacements. The foods that make up the squares are the actual foods. The chicken is just chicken. Sweet potato is just sweet potato albeit they do come spiced but squaring insists there one hundred percent natural ingredients. It's just how they're prepared that thermal shocking process. That gives them their strange futuristic appearance but my biggest question is why i mean sure. It looks kinda cool. But what is the advantage of the square. As best as i can figure it out from reading several articles ranging from bewildered to scathing square. It says that the shape makes it easier to mass produce their gourmet techniques so that they can make high quality. Food more affordable.

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