How Ben Greenfield Exercises & His Workout Philosophy


Have a background in bio mechanics and exercise physiology right. That's that's what. I did my master's degree in university of idaho. And so i like to. I like to chunk the programs that create. and and so. If you're listening in this is what you need to step back and ask yourself about your fitness program. I like to include certain components that that specifically focus on core buckets of fitness. So the first would be strength. Like every fitness program needs a lifting heavy shit type of component. Now that can include lighter weights to failure that can include blood flow restriction training right which we actually included in the latter's program has an option to simulate or to trick the muscle into thinking that it's under heavy load that can include super slow strength training with a slightly lighter load like ten to thirty second up ten to thirty second down which is fantastic for for for bringing a muscle to failure at a low risk of injury with a minimum effective dose of exercise like a super slow full body. Strength training workouts. Like fifteen to twenty minute workout and it can also include traditional strength right. Squats dead lifts overhead presses preferably for all of those. I like to use unless someone's going through rehab physical therapy or they're really kind of aesthetically going after certain body parts you know it's like bicep curls or calf raises or whatever. I like everything to be multi joint as much as possible on my programs. You don't have leg day you don't have stomach day. You know triceps and biceps day. That works for a bodybuilder. Who's got like two to four hours a day to spend in the gym and completely crush each of those individual body parts and i used to be a bodybuilder. I used to experiment with that stuff. And and i've realized that if you want the minimum effective dose of exercise every workout is full body right. When was the last time that you used your body and it was just lower body or just upper body or you're trying to play a game of tennis and it was just triceps right. So there's a functional component and also a time saving component. When you're not doing body parts sweats newsroom. Full body instead.

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