A highlight from The Monroe Demon House!


Who do. We got back in the building all the old. Hp show craft who. What's going on anton levay. What's going on tomcat. he been man. I was vacation good. I look pretty fucking tan though. Pretty pretty red. I wanna keep that tan going away on vaca- and went to the cottage. Who was it was pretty nice eventually. You kind of miss home eventually to but it was a swam a lot and stuff like that drank. Quite a bit are probably edibles with me. We pen and for this episode. I literally just got this today. Fuck what were they when they call. It was some really good. I always ask for sativa. Always ask for a high sativa hybrid and he said these are selling like hotcakes. It's kuala bear kiwi. I'm just joking around. What the fuck. It's called the most ridiculous names most times. So how you been good man fucking live in. Life has a wonderful tan. So i got a long island iced tea. I've got straight vodka. Nomex strict water night. yeah. I was pretty drunk. We as as i was saying anton last night i was talking to wash the documentary about the strange case that old fag put out there from ghost adventures. And it wasn't that good. I'll talk about a little bit later. I have some points that i have from watching the dock but it wasn't as great as it could have been zach. Begging is kind of a massive douchebag mcgowan. Why is he a massive douchebag just the way he talks like oh my god talk like it's just like why are you talking like you just ate fucking five hundred milligrams of edibles while to the monroe house. The demon house were i went to. I went to this demon house and strange things were happening. I'm zac baggins and this adventures. Sounds like somebody slipped him. Fucking horse tranquilizers marks like once you june naturally like when when goes to ventures. I started. i didn't mind it. I thought it was interesting. I like some of this shit. But i heard that some of the interns or production assistance would do things like make noises and throw things and shit true. Just that's gotta be the same with any go show. You can't you can't drum up go show based solely on like what you find from paranormal investigations and crank on a whole season's worth of and maintain viewership without occasionally being like. Oh god there's a knocking. Where's that coming from. Yeah so. I've heard them catch some fucked up shit the i know how real it is but i've whispers like growling and shit which i would love but you know they obviously get paid a decent amount of money. I would love to do that for a fucking living. I love fucking ghost shit and being scared so oh hell yeah man. It's a rush in and of itself. Like fear is is definitely i mean. It's the same reason people roller coasters and shake. That's i like being afraid where i can control it if that makes of course. Yeah that like you know. Go stuff and you know watching horror movies and all that type of jazz. I can control it to an extent stepping onto the tower on the balcony of it at the top. I can't control if i slip you. Don't i mean if something happens you're fucked know for sure. I used to like roll courses a lot. But i'm like a pussy now. I don't know what happened to me. I'm like look at them on my moves for can high. That's how i started out and actually got. Peer pressured into liking rollercoasters. Park when i was in like fucking ninth grade or whatever and he was like your fucking bitch. If you don't get on the roller coaster fucking hate heights like jelly shit eater either. I don't know what. And i never soon as a kid but it was like when i got older that i started getting scared of heights for some fucking reason like we live in an apartment building while ago. And we're at the seventh floor and i was scared to like look over the balcony. And then my buddy was on the thirteenth floor of the apartment building right next door. Dodd danny raza's. I've been on this podcast before way back in the day like last year or two and dan used to fucking sit on the edge of the balcony. I used to fuck in hated. Because he's just like the railing fucking not do that man.

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