How Do We Reconcile Our Love of Works by Problematic Creators?


Snow. We'll know that we often refer to harry potter. Buffy the vampire slayer and they are not the only texts. We mentioned that. Have problematic creators. Many of the axes. From the harry potter films have come out to reassure fans that it is irc as to love the prophecy while not supporting the message of hate. It's creative preaches but is it really so easy. How connected are creators to that creations and has it changed in recent years with the rise of the cult of celebrity. Let's start things off a discussion of just weeden severe. A long time. He was held up. As as a great feminist icon. Making all these showers female leads and and really strong women. Do you think his feminist messages have been tarnished by his recent fall from grace or are there still valuable feminist messages to be gleaned from buffy firefly dollhouse and more. You're honest. I've actually only familiar with buffet. I not really watched file a house if you knew is so. I can't really speak from the buffy. Sound point and i am still puffy fat. I think it would be really hard not to be. I was pretty shocked when the allegations came out. And also it's extremely depressing when you read off because anything that you've held close to halt and that you've big doppler on shows like this in to other people as a standard to aspire to and then you realize that this create a really things let us a bit of a you know a knife in the heart but i feel like i think we'll be talking about this later about separating the creative from the often the artist. I think there's still a lot of stuff in buffy. Maybe not so much in the later episodes electing later seasons even but in the early stuff. I feel that for its time. It still very groundbreaking. Yeah

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