Northern California Has Been Hit With A Startling Increase Of Wildfire Smoke


Wildfire smoke is especially harmful to children and rural communities in northern california has been hit hard starting an increase in smoke and that's according to a new investigation by our california newsroom. Collaboration remember station k. Q. e. d. freda jabballah romero reports. On how dangerous air is affecting schools their high school sports events anchor. The town of willis california one hundred miles north of sacramento at a friday night. Football game in this of six thousand cheerleaders shake their golden purple pompoms case covers nearby mountains in this part of the sacramento valley as mega fires burn in northern california. When there's too much smoke. Schools cancel outdoor activities like football. Today's better obviously. Because we're playing the game. Stacey lancy has to teen sons one of them a student at this high school. she's also a third grade teacher and says the better quality is affecting students as far as kids going out to recess playing sports and kind of like overall health. We don't know why were having headaches. Runny nose was in recent years willows has endured ninety one days of smoke per year on average up from sixty six days a decade ago. That makes this town one of the smoky places in america. That's according to an analysis of a decade of federal satellite images by california newsroom and partnership with stanford university's change and human outcomes lab. The investigation found millions of americans from san francisco to boston. Are breathing a lot more smoke. From western wildfires in the small town of willows physician. Assistant brett brown regularly treats patients at the hospitals family clinic when their smoke in the air he sees more patients suffering asthma attacks intense migrants and stress. There's always somebody says something about well because of the smoke. Insert you no problem here. Whether it's you know. I haven't been able to breathe as well because my allergies are so bad or i haven't been able to see my mom and dad you know because of covet and now i can't even go outside so my mental health is so much

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