FULL Unedited Arizona Senate Hearing of the Maricopa County Audit - burst 31


This report is intended to identify where america County bailed may have failed to comply with some of these statutes but having said that i believe the majority of our election officials in arizona are honorable well intentioned people so i intend this report in the spirit of constructive improvement but also maintaining appropriate accountability. Let's go to the first slide as we've heard in previous testimony in the slides are changing on my screen. But i hope they are at durant first line Observations related to the missing signatures on ballot in below affidavits. And there's some statutes there that not seeing a change on your slides but we'll assume that the slides are changing at. You're in they'll see the statutes five seven sixteen five forty seven forty eight that early ballots. Fbi accompanied by an affadavit and by seven o'clock on election day. There's a cure period in section five fifty. Which is not noted there but era sixteen fifty. Two is very clear that that the election board is to check. The voters affidavit quote. If it's found to be sufficient votes will be count aloud. The affidavit is insufficient. The vote shall not be allowed and equally prescriptive in the election procedures. Spaniel if the early ballots. David is not signing county. Recorder's still not the ballot. As you heard in previous testimony the scope of this audit did not involve comparing signatures with the ball registration files. But you have dr sheva look for and identify a number of missing signatures on ballot envelope

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