Happy Meal (MM #3837)


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason. McDonald's has announced a change to their long popular happy meal, and it's getting mixed reactions. People either love it or they hate it. But the reaction is interesting because of the people who love and hate. Now this has nothing to do with the actual meal itself. They've not permanently said you can only get apple slices and no French fries with your happy meal. This is about the toy. McDonald's has been getting flak for a long time about sustainability about wastefulness with their toys and all the plastic that's involved in all the pollution that causes. So they've announced they're going to segue to more sustainable materials by 2025. What's that mean? Less plastic toys, more paper stuff. If you have a little game built inside, it's not going to have plastic pieces. It will have paper pieces. They'll also start using things like trading cards. The people who are complaining, it's collectors, because paper toys aren't easy to collect because they get torn they get ruined they get wet, something happens to them. So the collectors, they like the plastic. It's not good for our environment, and now won't be good for collectors either.

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