Chris 'Mr. Reagan' Kohls on the Video That Catapulted Him to Youtube Stardom


Video that catapulted you to youtube star. Let's talk about that a little bit. So explain your infamous. Ao see video. Yeah that was an interesting time was it. I the gillette raises a was. It was the gillette razors. Yeah the first video. That i did that. I got my channel attention. Was this gillette parody right you. You remember the gillette. They were essentially saying like. Don't be a manner horrible. Don't be so toxic. Be a better person and they had some racial stuff in there. Like all the bad guys and the video were white and then they're like black friends would stop them from hitting on a girl or something like that if they were the hero guy you know it was just such a leftist dream commercial and but the dialogue in the in the video and the ad. The voice over narration was was very left wing. It was the way that they talk about things. They don't want to expose their real intentions. They want to try to convince you to be better because they know that you're not good enough as a man you know and so i just took that you know that voice over took the ad mostly as it is. There was a couple of cuts in their. But and i did my own voice over which moore obviously in clearly stated what their intention was which was to say like men are terrible. You shouldn't be you shouldn't be a man. Every man should transition. I didn't say that. I made it clear what they were saying. In simple terms and that just by itself was funny and people really resonated with you know well over a million views and the only issue with that was i wasn't in the video is just my voice and nobody knew who i was note knew what i looked like so mike channel had gotten some exposure. But i hadn't

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