Metroid Prime With Greg Sewart - GMMF 142 - burst 22



Gonna be talking about next week. Also next week is a is a brand new season doesn't affect much for you guys that affects things for me in the back end. We're doing the. We are on what i call season. Eight of my mom found even on their price again too often. We are the next. The first game that we're doing is going to be bioshock to start off spooked tober not really a horrid game but whore enough for me. Have you ever played that one before. No i actually. I play bow shock one. I played infinite. I skipped two. Did you enjoy shock one. When i did the episode for the show. I last year. I enjoyed it a lot when i played it this year. I played i loved it when i played it the first time i hated interesting. I'll have to. Because i'm really curious to hear what you think of too. I'm excited. I know nothing about two of them at your big daddy. I know very very little about it. So i'm going to be coming into the game completely blind which i'm excited for. Did of a divisive game in in that fandom right. So that's what i've heard so yeah i'm also i. I really enjoyed infant. When i played infinite last time. 'cause i bounced. I finished it. But i didn't like it that much. I think that's most people not taking some excited. That's when i'm excited to finally try bioshock two in seattle goes. That should be fun. And i do want to say as i said top of the show you you can vote in our patron for as little as a dollar you can go to our patron. You'll see a link in the show and you can choose. What horror movie. I'm gonna have to suffer through a nightmare. Elm street the witch reanimator which is winning or poltergeist Lincoln our show notes and greg working people find john. You can find me every week on the player. One podcast which is a player. Podcast dot com. We'll take you there. Have we record that. Every sunday night which is live on youtube and twitter twitter

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