Why Marketing & Dev Need Each Other With Jennie Larsen


Were them. Simplify is yeah and what you guys do in about. Your older developments simplified is a full development company. The thing they do most is custom development fast product apps processes back in so they do custom coding and they do a lot of websites as well. But not so much wordpress sites or wicks type sites. These are sites where people need something very specific or they want a very specific customer journey or something interactive that you have to have custom coding written for and so i actually approached. My brother is one of the owners. He's owners with two other people. And i approached him and said you know it just makes sense to me that you guys would offer marketing solutions. Because you're a developer. Usually if someone is getting a product developed they actually did take that product to the market and so that kind of how that whole journey started. And i was about four years ago and since then we've just become a real powerhouse team between marketing and development. We've realized i brought in marketing. Customers that needed development and development has brought in customers that needed marketing. And so we've actually created this really cool powerhouse team. Between the two companies we used to just be development simplified now. We have marketing simplified. They are two separate companies but working under the same. We work in the same office. We have two offices that we have two teams and yes so it was a four year journey. We just the benefit to that has just been massive in. It's just the development beads. The marketing the marketing deeds development end the customers just really benefit from that relationship.

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