Tucker Carlson Confronted by Man at Montana Fishing Store


Internet's had a field day over the weekend with tucker. Carlson being confronted by a guy named dan. Bailey as tucker was with his daughter at a fly fishing shop in montana. Tucker incidentally is a apparently a big outdoors. I mean i've known for years. There's been other video of him. Fly fishing. I saw once a video of him fishing in central park which is kind of interesting. But he's a he that he that's his thing you know. And that's a hobby of his and here. He is minding his own business with his daughter. I think his daughter is i. I don't know if she's a an adult or not. A couple of comments suggested she was maybe kind of college age. I don't know much about tucker's family but in a video posted this this creeps up personal instagram account. The guy could be seen walking up to tucker at a place called dan. Bailey's fly shop in livingston. Montana turns out the guy's name is dan bailey. But it's not. Dan bailey of the dan. Bailey's fly shop in livingston. It's a coincidence. But there goes up to them. If you're if you're by computer got a smartphone. We've got the video of it. i. I'm gonna play just to make a point. I didn't want to even acknowledged this. But i was giving us a lot of thought and i guess we're going to pull back the curtain a little bit to share that. This is kind of these guys. Go through i think on a regular basis and i don't know that it's a secret that most of them have security and have to because of incidents like

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