A highlight from Happy Hour #420: Rasool Berry


I invite a friend to join me. And we chat about the big things on my the little things in life and everything in between peyot. Welcome to the happy hour. Jamie ivy. i'm your host jamie. I'm glad you're here today because we have a good interview for you. First of all. Welcome to the last episode of august man. My kids are in school. Football season's about to start. I'm feeling really good about life right now and i'm really feeling good because we announced just recently that i have a children's book coming out in october you guys. I am getting excited about this. Because although my kids are way past children's book age. I remember reading books to my kids and falling in love with characters. I remember fallen in love with the message. I also remember god's speaking to me as a grown woman through words that were meant for a six year old and so that is my hope for this book it is called. God made you to be you and it comes on october but right now you can preorder and we have some fun things for you so go to jamie ivy dot com slash kids and we have all the information there for you. It shows you all the retailers that are carrying the book right now you can pre-order it right now. I know i've said this a lot. But i'll say it again. Pre ordering is not just so i can feel good about myself but it helps retailers know who needs to stop the book and so it helps people know more about this book and this beautiful board book. I think is going to be something that everyone's gonna win in their home for their kids to read and go through together and really believed the truth. That god made us to be you. I'm so excited about jamie dot com slash. Kids are today. We have russell berry on the show today. And he's a teaching pastor at the bridge church in brooklyn new york he's also the director partnerships in content development with our daily bread ministries. He also has a new podcast coming out soon. Called where you're from in. I'm super excited about it. I've heard a preview that you're gonna wanna go find it and subscribe to and listen to it today in the show we talk a lot about stories and why they matter and we talk about the intersection of our faith and culture. And how do we do that within our churches in our community with so many different cultures being represented. I really enjoyed hearing a little bit of history as well as he opened up about his upbringing. And i can't wait to see. How is podcast really affects people leaning in and listening and learning to be people's neighbor and to listen to their stories and understand cultures. I'm just. I really am so excited about it so setback. Relax enjoy this conversation with wrestle berry

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