A highlight from Afghan Woman Says It's A Relief That The U.S. Is Gone. That Chapter Is Over


Cash. Some afghans are worried about the future. Under the taliban rule mugabe garage is one of them. She's the founder of the afghan women's network and she made a decision to stay in afghanistan even as it became clear. The taliban were rapidly taken over the country. I checked back in with her earlier this morning. We spoke with you about two weeks ago. And during that conversation you told us you felt abandoned by the us and now the last military planes and troops have left the country mahbouba. How do you feel right now. The truth absolutely please. An absolute sense of relief. Really's relief. Why because you know a whole another. How should i say confusion games. One big part of it is closed. You know they did what they did everything it's done so now we are alone. You know in a way and hoping and praying for the for the support of the world of the people of the world but not much of the leaders of the world and we are I was actually was actually relieved. I have to admit that answer shocked me. 'cause considering where we were a few weeks ago to know that you feel a sense relief is it. Is it more of a sense of of now. Now it's the politics of all of this is over now. I can deal with life however it's going to be okay exactly is like whenever it is now. I know what i'm going to be doing. And and it is what it is and this is the this is the battlefield for we and do you have any clarity in terms of what faces you now. No i don't. I don't have it really as much as i would wish i could. But this coming i'm sure That should come to We was you know you won't be facing each other. I'm sure there's going to be a date. I'm sure imitate everything is going to be. You know not going to be in hiding are not going to be in hiding. We all going to come out and actually most probably sit across from each other and find out exactly what we are going to do what they want to do. What is happening in this country. I'm blown away by your confidence. You have an amazing sense of confidence and strength. Just i it striking to me. I mean how considering the situation. How do you have that. I have on a street. I didn't even know a habit is something that when you are facing what we are facing in in life and when you are facing what we have been facing throughout our history in all of that makes us who we are in and this is this is what made me who i am in made the african woman who they are and and being fearful of something that i don't know it doesn't make any sense so this is this is what i'm just holding on and this is what i wanna do and this is what's happened but don't we know at least a little of what. The taliban has in store for women we we saw it before. I realized that the taliban is trying to turn over a new leaf at least publicly. They've been saying that but don't we have an idea of what What's to come. Yeah i do and in meany community that really bothers me very much more than scaring me. It bothers me what bothers me is because is because the the epitome of stupidity if that's what they wanted to and and hoping that they are not that everyday hoping because because you cannot you cannot cripple half off a country's population of very very schedule very knowledgeable very powerful went off the society part of the the whole country and because they're women just just disregard them that's not that's not what how it's supposed to be what message. What do you want people to know about what you're feeling and what you're thinking as this new chapter in afghanistan begins. Oh you know the africans. They went to a lot of of misery. They went to allow of perfect that the pride that humanity especially in the past few months in the past especially few weeks and the customers. So now i don't want the afghans to be feeding that down in that in that feeling of being like not given a worse i don't want to feed. What is not what this people. You're proud people. We are good people. You're capable up so that's the afghan that they want to come out and be in the world mugabe. Sarraj is the founder of the afghan women's network. She joined us via skype. Thank you very much and please stay safe.

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