Exploring The Halloween Party Murder of Arpana Jinaga

Spy Affair


The time of the halloween party in two thousand eight. Jay was in his thirties successful programmer. He lived in the seattle area but he kept in touch with a lot of friends. Back home including dr. Jim naga whose daughter had moved down the road from j to an apartment complex in redmond very beautiful girl betty brainy and all. She's very kidding. I noticed that you speak about her in the present tense. Yes yeah three days after the costume party at the valley view jay woke up. Walk downstairs checked his phone. He saw a bunch of miss calls from arpan his dad. He called dr genego back immediately and he could hear his friend was in a bad place. There was no sign of arben banana. She wasn't answering her phone. Her friends sri aletha couldn't get in touch with her either. J. hung up and tried arpanet himself. Nothing like calling back and saying that it's going to iceman and what are you going to do. you said. Can you go and check on her. Jade bandarban has pleased once before but all he remembered was that you had to walk up a set of stairs to the top floor to be honest. I don't even know the unit number. So that's why i took the steps then. I was knocking on the door and map for almost like thirty forty seconds. No one was there. Then i read then again not to play. That's what i saw that. I don't even know who he is. The guy j saw coming towards him was in his mid twenties. The goatee and sideburns. Average build and height was cameron johnson. Arpan is next door neighbor. And i asked him dino this he said yeah i know so. Ask him which lives by. Then mehan cameron. We both standing just in front of that apartment. J. push gently on the door and a bolt fell off. Someone seemed to have bashed it in. The lock was broken. And there were splinters. All around the chan- then. I talked to cavern. I asked like it looks like somebody broke her apartment. What the hell is going on right. So can you help me out. He said okay. Then we both went inside about. I was cut basically. Jay was yelling calling for our puna but no one was answering.

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