The Blessings of Enough: Discovering Contentment in Daily Life

Tara Brach


Is this inner freedom of realizing. We'll be right where we are so. I'd like to start by responding to some of the questions and misunderstandings that arise around any consideration of contentment. And some imagine contentment is being this kind of dissociation from the world dreamy floating that's above and beyond life's difficulties kind of the image of a cow. Contentedly munching on grass of meadow. Or something like real trance-like and actually true contaminant involves a full presence with the life. That's right here with him around us and it doesn't mean we don't experience difficult emotions. It means were okay with feeling. Whatever is arising so by way of example this week inner contentment for me has not blocked me from feeling alarm and angry for those an up. Ghanistan those and haiti. It hasn't stopped me from feeling Fear concern for a dear friend of mine who has brain cancer. It hasn't stopped me revealing an bogged down on by my own physical discomfort. I've been dealing with a sinus infection. So contentment enables us to be okay with this arisings of grief. Our fear pain with the with the ups and downs. And it allows us to have a sense of of balance of a fundamental. Oh kanus in the midst of it and this kind of freedom is captured by one of my favorite Phrases from azan masters says that enlightenment is to be without anxiety about imperfection more contemporary version of it is elizabeth kubler ross. Who says i'm not okay. And you're not okay. And in so k now it's really this presence. That's large enough to embrace our imperfect world

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