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He's got financial answers. It's brian preston. The money guy yeah ron. I'm really excited about this show. Because i feel like this is something that a lot of folks asked like. You have this. One candidate says education is the most empowering most amazing most wonderful thing in the world. and there's other folks say education is an absolute waste by all means. Don't put your money there. There other ways in so i gotta believe a lot of our audience out. There is wondering what's the right. Answer what i do. Should i encourage my family to do. What should occur. Love wants to do. I think that is the question. These days is education worth it. You know that's one of the reasons we want to do the show. But i got to tell you about us kind of nervous about doing this. Show today okay. There's just a lot of education is fundamentally. Been such a big thing in my life that emma screw this up i think about you coming from humble beginnings i think about me and my mom being a schoolteacher my grandmother being a schoolteacher and then kind of what even inspired this show there's something just magical about education and You know and i think one of the things we talked about not even had the the team put this slide in there and you had a cool experience here on this too. but there's a dr seuss quote. That thing is really powerful. It's the more that you read the more things you know the more that you learn the more places you'll go and you know. Put the book. We put that up there on the screen shot. And you said this is how are you using. Oh the places you'll go yes. I didn't know this. My oldest daughter just started kindergarten. And apparently the thing that you do. Is you buy this book and at the end of every year kindergarten through twelfth grade. You asked your kids teacher like ride a note in there about where you know what they hope that'll happen in about the year or whatever and then at graduation you're supposed to give it to them so they can read all their teachers what they've said about them. I mean that's a pretty neat little thing. I hope we can actually stick to doing it. Well education is. I think it is so noble in the fact that it's also such a. It's a superpower in the fact that you can come from anywhere any beginnings but if somebody will the ladder for you and actually start teaching you and that's one of the reasons. I love what we do. Because we always thought i was going to retire and career as a college professor. Something like that little. I know how is going to work in a classroom. A virtual classroom with millions of people. This is been tremendously fulfilling. But the part i love is when you guys send me emails. Tell me how we've changed your life. And when i was i used to substitute teach all through college and i can remember teaching math when you especially when we somebody was on maternity. Leave or something like that. You've got to be the substitute teacher for the same class for two or three weeks. At a time. You gotta teach concepts. I could see the the light bulb go off when somebody catches a concept and that's the most powerful thing and i even. I read the book up from slavery. Booker t. washington and he had a an. I recorded this this quote. Because i thought it was just incredible and it tells you the power of education. His quote was getting into a schoolhouse in studying would be the same is getting into paradise and a lot about the fact of education. Is that light bulb that ladder to let you unlock the best version of yourself. And so it's always been considered a noble thing to invest in yourself. It's a good thing to focus on education. But there's a lot of stuff going on so i want. Here's where i wanted to go with today's schefter. I want go traditional education. Let's talk about traditional education economic benefits. Because we're gonna do this all the money guy where we give you stats and figures. But then i do wanna talk about some of the danger zones with i mean think about student loans and other stuff i want to close it out with. How does education fit into this new modern world where it's not as traditional as was so. That's kind of how we set today. Show this i think as you think about your educational journey i feel like the first place. A lot of folks get to make the first educational choice. There's some choice that they're allowed to make or that. Maybe your parents have to stomach is what about high. School is graduating from high school. Something that i should do something. I or is it a waste of time. So i'm not worried about that. Immediately into the workforce as quickly as possible and we found that there's actually some indicators that it probably is a net positive. There's some really good things that come from getting at least a high school education. It's without a doubt. I mean education and high schools free public school system. So there's there's there's definitely lot of value knowing the basics but we actually wanted to put numbers to weren't to know the economics of what does it mean to go to school versus not going to school. We actually had daniel pull stats on that. Yeah there was a there was actually a show that we did. This is probably a couple of weeks ago now and there's talking about like markers of success that would likely keep you out of poverty. What are some of those markers. And it's interesting number. One marker that they listed would decrease your likelihood of ending up in poverty. Later in life was graduating high school. So right there even just sort of from a very base level wealth-building staying above the poverty line standpoint. Graduating high school was a big one. It was one of the big one of the big three that they know -tated so let's talk a little bit about what you can earn right. So what are the lifetime. Earning opportunities education level. And this is what we found that If you have less than a high school degree less than a high school diploma and this is data from georgetown university. The lifetime learnings on average about nine hundred and seventy three thousand dollars over working career. And i think this was roughly a forty year or so working career so then the question becomes if i do then make the choice to graduate high school if i want to go sort of in that direction. How does that impact my ability to go out and our wage.

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