A highlight from Ep. 389 - The Biggest Little Blockchain City in the World with Mayor Hillary Schieve



With an awesome guest. I'm joined by my companion. My notorious notorious p i z. Mr pizza mind air malone our doing buddy. I'm doing came in but to be honest. This heat wave in. Texas is absolutely killing me. Man might cheeses melt all over. The place can't take it anymore. You're diversify. i am a mess. Invest in general but especially now I've been looking to diversify my locations. As i always am whether it's antigua or brazil or iceland Like to know that. I have different places to go if trouble ever hits or i'm just sick of the weather i guess you could say. I'm a little fickle. I don't know but place in san diego bryce. Would you recommend any other places to go if you know being digital nomad like i am. Where's the next place. I should set up shop. Well you know I got a good buddy that moved to reno recently and i i also just recently was introduced to the mayor of reno who is joining us today. On the crypto. Wanna one podcast. Hillary sheedy the mayor arena. Welcome to the show. Hi guys thank you for having me. We are very excited You are are very first a politician. And that's on the show. But i know you don't like being called a politician. You're more of an entrepreneur in your actually turning reno into kind of like this tech magnate. It is crypto centric. And we're going to dive into your whole story. I think it's a fascinating one. I in in but but hillary first off welcome to the show. Hi you guys. Thank you so much for having me an errand we would love to have you any time. Have you been to re now. I have been to reno and this was. Maybe you know five. Six seven years ago loved it. Then i thought it was really cool. It how i think. It's called like america's biggest little small town or something like that. I mean vibe. Yeah biggest little city. You gotta come check it out. I think you'll like what we've done with the place. Tell us what have you done with the place. Well you know. It's kind of funny. I have to admit this in this so you'll probably understand. I was born and raised in reno and sort of growing up. As you know didn't probably have the best reputation in so people would say. Where are you from. And i would. Say lake tahoe. And so it was just kind of you know that interesting dynamic and it's kind of strange sort of fell into politics embraces right. I was just telling him. I'm not a traditional politician at all in any sense that there are some days. I'm like route so hard to believe nine the mayor but so much of it came about for my passion to sort of change the place that i was born and raised in and so You know. I'm an entrepreneur by trade. It's really what i love to do. I was opening up a business and the city to charge me about five thousand dollars to move a sign two feet and i just couldn't believe how we made it so difficult government with all this red tape that sort follows along right so instead of complaining about it. I thought you know what. I'm going to run for office and i'm going to change it now. He didn't run for mayor obviously around for city council. That's sort of. You know my my story in a nutshell. And i just became so passionate about our city and so much you know people think of reno is like this tired gaming town and i really wanted to get in there and bring vibrancy to city that we hadn't seen in a very long time with arts and culture food movements and just all these great things that we have right here in reno also in our backyard. Obviously lake tahoe is breathtaking but we have burning. man. I don't know how many of your listeners of burning man but you know things like these incredible assets that cities need to really play upon and embrace. You know to really diversify their economies and so forth. So i'm just you know. I'm really fortunate to be in a position where i can really make a change in the city that i think you know had a pretty dark reputation for a long time. Yeah absolutely and you've also been a crypto investor for five years and so i think people are probably pretty curious. They're like well. Bryce this crypto podcast. We've had hedge fund managers on year. We've had ceos of exchanges we've had anonymous developers who are creating their own cryptocurrencies and now not a politician. But we're you know. I hate to say that because it on the on the show. We're we're always kind of libertarian. In a sense and independent establishment. Full disclosure. i am an independent. I am not a dhirar. politics black and white. So so we're all in the same space. Yeah i love it in in so tell us about your story tell us about why you became a crypto investor. I think a lot of people. Curious know why. Well i think because i'm very entrepreneurial and so whenever i got into office we started to do these sort of startup weekends. I don't know if you're familiar with those. But it's where you create a business within forty eight hours and so it's something that i'm really passionate about building our entrepreneurial ecosystem here in reno and it was probably about. I would say about seven years ago that there was a guy that came in with this incredible sort of business plan with cryptocurrency and bitcoin and i thought to myself wow this could really probably transform our local economies eventually but obviously it was so incredibly new in even still you guys know the space. Today people are still trying to figure it out. Learn about it in so it's it's sometimes really hard for people to wrap their head around but it was something i started to think about and i thought you know this is something that's going to really change the way that we we work in our daily lives in so many ways and just the capacity of technology in general right and so. It's something that i had sort of kept my eye on and studied over the years and then finally You don't i jumped on finance and it was. That was kind of an experience in itself whenever your first time on finance right so And then i just started buying projects. That i really believed in you. Know i am definitely not sort of a doj coin type of investor on that you know i don't follow the hype Typically in in that space. I always say it's a lot like stocks. You know bike companies unfold. I say with crypto by good projects. Volt so how would you grade a good project from your vantage point there. Someone who's building a city. There are so many improvements in infrastructure that blockchain offers. What really excites you about the crypt space today. Well i think because government to be honest with you so antiquated when it comes to technology i really see that if we start to embrace blockchain technology we can make some advancements that we are so far behind. Certainly i think from smart contracts to creating our own reno dow and it's something that i've created a blockchain board and so the chair and i Teddy clap who's you know.

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