A highlight from How to Create Partnerships that Reach The Masses


Hello and welcome back to another episode of the influence or podcast. Today we have an incredible human being and awesome entrepreneur influences and blogger. That is mallory johnson. Now i have gotten to have the privilege of knowing mallory for the past few years as she joined my community. Say maybe back in two thousand eighteen. She joined my program pitch a perfect And has also joined other program that i have called. The influence or academy in watching her be able to grow has been phenomenal. She has completed over one hundred brand collaborations with rand such as coca cola. Costco oreo all. Why sharing her her nat her neck in her niece in motherhood lifestyle fashion and beauty. Mj is what we call mallory johnson. Mj is also a curly-haired millennial mother and military wife. She does a lot with her beautiful hair and she of course has a really unique angle. Being the wife of servicemen. Today we talk about this. Ever changing world of influence or marketing. How to stick out among the saturation how to keep as it grows. And i think. Mj is one of those women who truly is an example of what it means to listen to your audience and evolve. And she talks about how to do that. Because i know that that is a big missing piece for a lot of people we get it conceptually but how do we actually break that down and so we talk about that today and we also talk about how to develop a sustainable social media strategy that allows you to create impact and content on your own terms for longevity so i love today's episode. I love him jay. You're gonna love her to. let's

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