A highlight from CLASSIC: Big Data and You


And folks this week we're sharing with you our episode called big data and you kinda makes me think of like an after school special on like you know how to protect yourself against big data. It's not too far off from what it is. Well it's it's weird to think. This was put out originally six years ago. I believe and just how much the landscape has changed since then. It hasn't really changed. Its these big data has just gotten stronger. Basically and there are several companies that have just kind of strengthened their positions yet. And there's there's no turning back the clock on this spot on one positive note. A- sorely needed positive note. More people are aware of the dangers of this sort of Ubiquitous observation surveillance and how it can be used to nudge your decisions. It's gone passed by the way figuring out who might want to buy some new ray bans or something this. Oh yeah this is about. Making people do things. They may not have ordinarily done at this point. But if you have someone in your life that you feel like needs to know a little bit more about the basics of what people mean when they say big data this is the episode for you and also it goes into the idea that if you don't know what the product is. It's probably you so without further ado turn. Your trackers is in tune in this classic episode disagree. Turn your phones off. Even if you're listening to this on your phone just turn off right now. Don't even listen to just drop it. Into a bucket of water go safer that way cover histories riddled with unexplained events. You can turn back now or learn the stuff. They don't want me to now. Low welcome back to the show. My name is matt. And i'm ben. We're here with our super producer. Noel which makes this stuff. They mowed want you to know. Close not quite there. Oh you're right. I said something wrong. I can't figure out what it was. Yeah we're pretty excited about this new gadget or i guess new to us gadget. That's here in the studio day. Do you want to tell everybody a little bit about it. It's just an a couple of old school synthesizers from the seventies and eighties and hopefully no is going to be bringing those in the mix maybe on this show. Maybe not. i don't know i don't know. He looks like he could go either way. So let's start today's episode with an anecdote That you may have heard if you watched our video series earlier this week. Two thousand twelve minnesota. This family starts getting ads from target. You know every people get ads are y'all do right. You're used to it. It happens but this time something different. They received ads before but this time. Something's off the ads are for stuff like diapers strollers. Some baby lotion and stuff. You get the idea like for someone. Who's expecting lovely thing to be but there's a catch here. Nobody at that house is expecting so the dad is livid and the especially about the ads address specifically to his teenage daughter. That's the whole point illinois dress to his high school aged daughter. Yeah yep and so. He goes to target in person on an income beast mode f. kind of stuff Trending toward wwe possibly When he goes back as a chat with his daughter comes back to target and says oh yeah she's expecting an august woke on all accounts. This comes to us through a new york times piece that was published on february nineteenth. Two thousand twelve about how obsessively Companies track your shopping habits and every little piece of Information they can about you to hopefully make you more likely to buy something and the guy who was interviewed The statistics man working for target interviewed in this new york. Times article was shut down after he mentioned this Because what we're talking about is something that many many companies do but is incredibly controversial and that is big data.

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