NFT Sales Top $2.5 Billion in First Quarter


We've been talking about the increase in interest and participation by consumers worldwide in the world of digital assets. One area of particular growth is N F. T s. Non fungible token. This is an asset that exists digitally and nowhere else. It got a lot of attention back in March, when a piece of art Created by an artist by the name of people. Was sold by Sotheby's for $69 million. This is an artwork that only exists online. It's essentially a PDF so you can't hang it on your wall. All you can do is look at it on your phone. Somebody paid $69 million for this well that created an explosion and interest on a worldwide basis and now in the first half of this year for the first six months of this year Total worldwide. Sales of non fungible tokens is $2.5 billion 1.2 billion of it. Half of that occurred in the month of July alone. This is really rather amazing. A year ago, the first six months of sales was only $14 million. So the number of people who are doing this has skyrocketed exponentially from 14 million in sales to 2.5 billion, just one year difference to the next. We now have 1.4 million users per day buying and selling and FTS. That's a 24% increase over the month of June alone. People are learning how to do this through online games. There's one that's called Acsi Infinity. It's a play to earn game. It's a video game, and it teaches you how to engage in N Ft's. It's based on the Blockchain. It lets you earn N F. T s and other rewards by breeding, battling and trading digital pets that they call axes. Taxes are now the most valuable n F T collection, beating out who was number one. The National Basketball

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