Taliban, Daria Aldinger And President Biden discussed on Brian Kilmeade

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From ABC News. I'm Daria Aldinger President Biden, explaining his reasons to leave Afghanistan as the Taliban takes over the country. This was never there to fight an Afghan civil war. That's the reason President Biden gave for standing by his troop pullout. This is not And our national security interest. Is not what the American people want The president, saying it's gut wrenching watching the Taliban takeover, but that it was up to the U. S trained Afghan military to prevent that. Andy Field. ABC NEWS Washington Democrats say the Trump Administration's deal with the Taliban forced Mr Biden's hand. Republicans say the president could have changed course after taking office. And Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, calling the recent developments an unmitigated disaster. Honestly, this administration looks to me like it couldn't organize a two car funeral. Meanwhile, scenes of chaos at the airport in Kabul where masses of Afghan citizens desperate to get out of the country, swarmed an air force jet as it trying to take off. Spicer and its German partner Beyond Tech are asking the FDA to consider expanding a third booster to all who received its two dose. Covid 19 vaccine cases fueled by the Delta variant are overwhelming the healthcare systems in some states. Like many businesses, hospitals are facing staff shortages due to illness and people leaving the workforce in Tennessee Health Commissioner Dr Lisa Piercy says those staff shortages Coupled with rising covid hospitalizations required help from the National Guard. When you have kind of an already full hospital with staffing concerns on top of that, when you put extra covid patients on top of that, that really tips the scales and a lot of this situation, she's asking residents not to head to hospitals unless it's an actual emergency. Mark Remillard, ABC News search for Survivors continues across earthquake ravaged Haiti More than 1400 people are confirmed dead. You're listening to ABC news. Everybody's

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