Biden Addresses Crisis in Afghanistan


Building. It was never supposed to be creating a unified, centralized democracy. President Biden addressing the crisis in Afghanistan, That's right, Scott. We had that live for you yesterday as Biden returned to the White House from Camp David early to speak to the nation. The Taliban effectively gained control of the capital city after the Afghan president fled the country U. S forces that already drawn down during the Trump administration from roughly 15,500 American forces. 2500 troops in country. The president cited the quick collapse of Afghan security forces and said the U. S. Could not provide them the will to fight sharp criticism by Republicans for the Taliban takeover and Biden's reaction. Here's Senator Marco Rubio. They operated under assumptions that we're completely ridiculous. The assumption was well what if the Afghans stand up and fight and really push back? If you make those assumptions, Yeah, they could have held on for another six months or a year. But all the indications were that as soon as the US announced they were leaving, police officers would abandon post. Regular armed forces would abandon post and leaders would abandon the country. That is exactly what happened is what they were told that they were warned. What happened? They didn't care, and now we see the consequences of it. U. S military troops have maintained control of the Kabul airport, but the situation is chaotic as thousands of Afghans try to flee the country. This is W. De vo, where

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